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This is a multi niche blog. I’ll be posting about everything that I’m interested in, with a little more emphasis on self-improvement. There will be a variety of tips and tricks to help you kick off all bad habits, overcome laziness and boost self confidence.
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Through The Year…

God be with you in the  SPRING TIME
When the violets unfold,
And the buttercups and cowslips
Fill the fields with yellow gold;
In the time of apple blossoms;
When the happy bluebirds sing,
Filling all the world with gladness …
God be with you in the Spring!

God be with you in the  SUMMER
When sweet June roses blow;
When the bobolinks are laughing
And the brooks with music flow;
When the fields are white with daisies
And the days are glad and long.
God be with you in the Summer …
Filling all your world with song!

God be with you in the  AUTUMN
When the birds and flowers have fled;
And along the woodland pathways
Leaves are falling … gold and red;
When the Summer lies behind you,
In the evening of the year.
God be with you in the Autumn …
Then to fill your heart with cheer!

God be with you in the  WINTER
When the snow lies deep and white;
When the sleeping fields are so silent
And the stars gleam cold and bright;
When the hand and heart are tired
With life’s long and weary quest.
God be with you in the Winter …
Just to guide you into rest!
Julian S. Cutler