Valentines day

The origins of the Valentine’s Day go back to the times of Roman Empire. People who lived in that time believed that February 14th is the day to honor Juno, who is the Queen of Roman Gods. Juno is also considered as the Goddess of marriage and women. During that time, the lives of girls and boys were flowing in two separate tracks. The only time they received the chance to get together was on 15th of February. On this day, the names of girls were written in paper slips and kept inside jars. Then every boy was asked to pick one slip out of them. This symbolizes their togetherness.

By the time when Claudius II started ruling Rome, it was identified that most of the young men prefer to stay with women and they don’t take the decision to join the army as a result of it. As a result, he ordered to cancel all the engagements and marriages, which were taking place in all parts of the country. At this moment, Saint Valentine, who was a priest in Rome helped Christian martyrs to marry in secret. However, this act was revealed and Saint Valentine was beaten to death. The ban was lifted back in 270 and people got the opportunity to get together with their partners again. In order to honor the sacrifice done by Saint Valentine, 14th of February was named as the Valentine’s Day.

The concept of Valentine’s Day became extremely popular among people who lived in every corner of the world. Most of the people think that the Valentine’s Day is a day that is dedicated for couples. However, people who aren’t in romance can also think about celebrating this special day. In other words, singles don’t need to spend this special day on their own. The Valentine’s Day can be spent in the company of good friends.

Whether you make the decision to celebrate the Valentine’s Day with your lover or your friends, you are provided with plenty of activities to take part in and enjoy. For example, the couples can think about going to a movie and enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner. On the other hand, singles can think about getting into their best casual outfits and going out to spend the day with friends. They can play bowling or any other similar sport.

On Valentine’s Day, a large number of gifts are also being exchanged among people. Most of them tend to give roses to their loved partners. However, there are individuals who prefer to give other sorts of gifts, such as chocolates, t-shirts, and ornaments on this special day. Therefore, Valentine’s Day can be considered as one of the best day of the year to share love and happiness.


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