The Columbus American History Never Knew


columbusSince 1892, when President Benjamin Harrison issued a proclamation urging the nation to mark the day when Christopher Columbus is recorded to have discovered America, the United States has enthusiastically organized school programs, plays, parades, and community-wide festivities across the country. We now celebrate Columbus Day as a day of rest and relaxation. American History, however, fails to teach the true meaning or significance of the man we now honor with a national holiday. For this, we must look back in time to 15th century Spain:

The decree of expulsion read, “By the grace of God, King and Queen of Castile, Leon, Aragon and other dominions of the crown – to the prince Juan, to dukes, marquees, counts, the holy orders, priors, knight commanders, lords of the castles, cavaliers, and to all Jews, men and women of whatever age, and to anyone else this letter may concern – health and grace unto you. You well know that in our dominion, there are certain bad Christians that judaised and committed apostasy against our Holy Catholic faith, much of it the cause of communications between Jews and Christians. Therefore, in the year 1480, we ordered that the Jews be separated from the cities and towns of our domains and that they be given separate quarters, hoping that by such separation the situation would be remedied. And we ordered that and an Inquisition be established in such domains; and in twelve years it has functioned, the Inquisition has found many guilty persons.”

The Jewish population was already expelled from England, most of France, and most of Germany. The remaining Jews had to identify themselves by wearing a round yellow patch over their heart. Thousands of Jews were slaughtered. Many others “voluntarily” converted to Christianity. The sincerity and religious loyalty of the “new Christians” or Conversos (Marranos) were always suspect. Instead of eliminating persecution, conversion made it worse.

A Sephardic Jew appointed physician and surgeon to the King was their communities’ last hope. Also a mathematician, astronomer, and instructor of the Sagres School of Navigation, Isaac Abrabanel responded to the throne: “Your Majesties, Abraham Senior and I thank you for this opportunity to make our last statement on the behalf of the Jewish communities that we represent. Counts, dukes, and marquees of the court, cavaliers and ladies… it is no great honor when a Jew is asked to plead for the safety of his people. But it is a greater disgrace when the King and Queen of Castile and Aragon, indeed of all Spain, have to seek their glory in the expulsion of a harmless people. I find it very difficult to understand how every Jewish man, woman, and child can be a threat to the Catholic faith. Very, very strong charges.”

Franciscan friar Alonso de Espina had published a book called the “Fortalitium Fidei,” which listed blood libels, “host degradations,” and a variety of satanic misdeeds allegedly committed by Conversos and Jews. One of his objectives was to show that the Conversos were bad Christians (heretics) and therefore subject to the horrors of the Inquisition.

The pogrom continued, “We further order that no person in our kingdom of whatever station or noble status hide or keep or defend any Jew or Jewess, either publicly or secretly, from the end of July onwards, in their homes or elsewhere in our reign, upon punishment of loss of their belongings, vassals, fortresses, and hereditary privileges. Thus we grant permission to the said Jews and Jewesses to take out their goods and belongings out of our reigns, either by sea or by land, with the condition that they not take out either gold or silver or minted money or any other items prohibited by the laws of the kingdom.”

“It is indeed the opposite,” Abrabanel countered. “Did you not admit in this edict to having confined all Jews to restricted quarters and to having limited our legal and social privileges, not to mention forcing us to wear shameful badges? Did you not tax us oppressively? Did you not terrorize us day and night with your diabolical Inquisition? Let me make this matter perfectly clear to all present: I will not allow the voice of Israel to be stilled on this day.”

On March 31, the Edict of Expulsion was signed. Every Jew was forced to choose between conversion to Christianity or leaving the country forever without their possessions. As a final insult, the date of departure was to coincide with Tisha B’Av, day of mourning to commemorate the many tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people. A day of fast, the destruction of both Temples (the first by the Babylonians in 586 BCE and the second by the Romans in 70 CE) is recorded on that day.

Luis de Santange, a Converso and accountant to the Royal Court, offered Abrabanel the financing of 17,000 ducats to find a new home for the expelled Jewish communities. Abrabanel recruited Abraham Zacuto, the physician for King John II. Like Abrabanel, Abraham was also an astronomer and a mathematician; he had developed the “Almanac Perpetuum,” and included the Tables of Navigation in his native tongue — Hebrew. It was through King John II, that Abraham was introduced to Admiral Salvador Fernando.

Son of Dom Fernando, First Duke of Beja, Salvador who had a love affair with Isabel Goncalves Zarco, daughter of Joao Goncalves Zarco, discoverer of Porto Santo and Madeira. The Zarcos were Portuguese Jews who came from the city of Tomar. When a women became pregnant out of wedlock, she was often secreted away to another locality to give birth to her illegitimate child. For this reason, Salvador Fernando Zarco was born in Cuba, a small town eight miles north of Beja. The couple had one son, Diego.

The power of the Ottomans and other Islamic nations of the eastern Mediterranean was growing at an alarming pace, continually threatening the Christian monarchies themselves. This power had also effectively closed the land routes to the East, via the Caspian Sea, Samarkand, and northern India, and made the sea route south from the Red Sea extremely hard to access.

A first cousin to King John II, Zarco was half-brother to Queen Dona Leonor, half-brother of King Manuel I, and grandnephew of Prince Henry the Navigator. The King arranged for Zarco’s baptism, and as a Converso, was sent on a secret mission to divert Spain’s attention from the real sea route to India by sailing west, giving time for Prince Henry’s navigators to go beyond the Cape of Storms, which was later renamed the Cape of Good Hope. He spent seven years in Spain trying to convince the Spanish royalty to approve a western route to India, each time being turned down.

At a more elevated level still, Franciscan preachers sought to prepare for the end of the world, as they interpreted the Book of Revelations to prophesy. According to the eschatological vision contained in Revelations, Jerusalem would be recaptured by Christendom and a Christian emperor installed in the Holy Land. These events were a precondition for the coming, and defeat, of Antichrist and the conversion of the whole human race and, ultimately, for the Last Judgment.

With the Edict of Expulsion signed, Luis de Santangel, keeper of the royal purse, urged the Crown to approve the expedition in “an enterprise of so little risk, yet which could prove of so great service to God…to speak of very great increase and glory for her realms and crown…” Luis pleaded the westward project would, it was hoped, help to finance a crusade to the East. He suggested the possibility of linking with Christians such as Prester John, a legendary Christian ruler of the East, and his descendants, who, it was thought by many, still survived east of the lands of the infidel.

The Great Khan of the Golden Horde was himself held to be interested in Christianity. Luis made the case that the Kingdom could use the journey to personally deliver a letter of friendship from his sovereigns to the Great Khan on their journey. Finally, the Queen relented, and summoned the Admiral who would never take “no” for an answer to return to the Spanish court and lay out his plan again.

In his final presentation to the Queen, Zarco announced, “Your Highnesses, as Catholic Christians… took thought to send me to the said parts of India, to see those princes and peoples and lands… and the manner which should be used to bring about their conversion to our holy faith, and ordained that I should not go by land to the eastward, by which way it was the custom to go, but by way of the west, by which down to this day we do not know certainly that anyone has passed; therefore, having driven out all the Jews from your realms and lordships… I should go to the said parts of India, and for this accorded me great rewards and ennobled me so that from that time henceforth I might style myself “Don” and be high admiral of the Ocean Sea and perpetual Governor of the islands and continent which I should discover… and that my eldest son should succeed to the same position, and so on from generation to generation.”

Despite their shock at hearing of his demands to be appointed “Admiral of the Ocean Sea, Viceroy and Governor of the said islands and mainland,” and the astonishment of the country, surrounding Kingdoms, and the Pope himself, the documents were signed. For a signature, Zarco always used a unique triangular monogram similar to inscriptions found on gravestones of Jewish cemeteries in Spain and South France. This Kabbalistic siglum, in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek, contains two secret names: Cristobal Colon, his “nom de plume,” and Salvador Fernando Zarco, his birth name.

On the 9th of Av, August 3, 1492, Christopher Columbus, as his Converso name is now recorded, departed Palos, Spain at the command of three ships and 90 men, nearly all of his crew Conversos. He carried with him Abraham Zacuto’s Table of Navigation and a book of charts from Isaac Abrabanel. His vessels reached the Canary Islands on August 9th and departed out into the unknown of the Atlantic on September 8th. None of Columbus’ crew had ever sailed over 300 miles from Europe, but by October 12th, covering over 3000, they sighted landed in the Island which Columbus named San Salvador. On October 29th, he reached Cuba, naming it after his birthplace.

Columbus’ official report of his first voyage to Ferdinand and Isabella began with the following words: “And thus, having expelled all the Jews from all your kingdoms and dominions…;” a very strange beginning statement for an Admiral returning from a remarkable, supposedly impossible voyage. Even following three subsequent voyages across the Atlantic, Columbus declined to admit that he had not found the true Indies and Cathay which he had searched for. Columbus died refusing to accept that he had discovered a brand new world in the Caribbean.

It is ironic, however, that Ferdinand and Isabella’s attempt to rid the Jews from Spain, ultimately resulted in a new homeland for them called America, a refuge for more Jewish people than anywhere else on Earth. In fact, today the population of Jews living in New York City is greater than in all of Europe combined. As an expert sailor, navigator, and cartographer, and indeed a Kabbalist, who understood the secrets of heavenly bodies, perhaps Salvador Fernando Zarco knew exactly where he was going.

A Military Tribute

tributeIt is truly beyond my abilities to express my gratitude and give my thanks to the military for their service to the world as they fight for our freedom. It is my hope that the following tribute will in part do that.

We are at war! While we enjoy our comfortable homes, food on the table and clean water to drink, thousands of brave men and women of the armed forces are defending our homeland in constant danger, lack of sleep, cold, wet, filth, dust, trenches, hunger and longing for home, so that we may enjoy our freedom. They have put their personal lives on hold, left their families, comfort and all they know to go to another country and fight for not only the U.S.A. but the whole world. The United States is the only country who defends other countries and then returns it back to its people, enabling them to enjoy their new found freedom from tyranny. The military prevents terror from spreading throughout the world. So let’s get behind our troops!

Terrorists are brutal murderers without conscience. It is their determination to take out the U.S.A. at any cost and are currently infiltrating and targeting many strategic places of work, including government. They will be ready to strike again when the command is given just as they did with the Twin Towers. You can do your part to help prevent this again. We must be prepared.

We, who have been left at home can also defend our country and there are many ways to do that, first, by defending and supporting our troops. Families should support their sons and daughters in their decision to defend our country. Suspicious activities should be reported. The media should also be supportive. Think how we could lift our troops morale knowing they have our full support.

So the next time you are eating, drinking or having a wonderful evening of dancing, remember, remember who you owe that enjoyment to. Remember those families who kissed their sons and daughters good bye and had the heart wrenching experience of waving their heroes good bye; watching them until they are out of sight, not knowing when and if they will return. How can we ever repay our debt to these brave souls and their families?

God bless and protect our heroes, our military men and women!

God Bless America!

Adult Acne

You breezed through your teenage years with a zit or two and never thought about it. Now you look into the mirror in horror. What happened? How is it possible to develop acne in your mid 30’s, isn’t this supposed to happen to teenagers? You find yourself embarrassed and confused.

The unfair fact is that adult acne will affect 25% of men and 50% of women in their adult lives. We know that teenage acne is due to hormonal changes which causes an increase in oil production. The causes of adult acne aren’t as clear. There isn’t just one cause. Acne in adult women can be linked to cosmetic use and some hair products. It can be brought on by the hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy. Certain types of prescription medications can cause adult acne. Acne vulgaris which is the type of acne that affects adults generally doesn’t happen after the age of 40. Unlike teenage acne that starts on the forehead and cheek area adult acne tends to show more on your chin, jaw and neck area.

The treatment you receive for your acne will be based on the severity of the acne outbreak. Mild acne outbreaks can be treated with topical and over the counter products that contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or glycolic acid, the same creams that teenagers use. If you acne is more severe your dermatologist may prescribe oral antibiotics. These antibiotics treat the bacteria causes of acne.

Micro dermabrasion and acid peels can be used to help diminish any scarring that might occur with adult acne.

Defending Your Home From Pests

At the first site of a home invasion of bugs, don’t run for the spray gun. First, learn a little about the insect and how much of an invasion has really occurred. There just may be an easy way for you to get rid of the pest without putting yourself, your family, or your pets at risk. However, if a showdown is what it takes, there are some steps you should take to keep your home environment safe and healthy for your family.

The behavior of certain pests can help you eliminate them. For example, if your problem is cockroaches in your kitchen, you can set out baits in the corners of cabinets or hide them behind appliances against the wall. This is because cockroaches tend to follow along walls when they scout for food and water. No matter what insect has invaded your home, knowing your opponent will help you choose an effective and economical way to eliminate your infestation.

The pest may decide to avoid a showdown. Run them out of town by removing sources of food, water, and shelter. Most insects come into your home for these reasons. If the necessities for life are not there, they will go elsewhere. You may need to have a leaky faucet repaired and store food in sealed containers. You may also need to seal cracks under doors, next to windows, and around drainpipes to keep the insects from entering your home. Throwing out unnecessary paper boxes and paper bags can also eliminate places for insects to hide.

Use baits first because they are usually clean and have little or no odor. However, you must place them away from kids and pets. A child or pet may be attracted to bright colors or mistake the bait for a toy or treat.

You may also want to try an organic solution that is less harmful to the environment and often has fewer odors. However, organic does not mean it will be completely harmless to you, your family, or pets. You still need to follow the manufactures safety precautions when using organic pesticides.

To get ready for the showdown, read the label first. And read all of it, so you will know how to apply the pesticide, how much pesticide you need, where and where not to apply it, and most importantly, what to do in case of an emergency. The special warnings not only tell you to keep it out of your eyes, for example, but what to do if you spray and it’s carried to your eyes.

If sprays are necessary, only use what is approved for home or indoor use and use only the recommended amount. Inside your home a chemical can be toxic, especially those designed for the outdoors. Chemicals designed for the outdoors often remain toxic longer inside than they would outdoors, because outdoors the chemical will breakup and disperse to some degree, but inside the wind and elements are not there to help this happen. When spraying indoors, you may want to air out the house before you close it up for the night.

Don’t over do it. More is not better when it comes to chemicals in and around your home. Use the amount recommended on the label. The manufacturer of the product makes recommendations with the expectation that you will use it properly for the right insect, in the right volume, and in the right environment.

Don’t forget to dispose of unused pesticides properly. You will find the disposal instructions on the label. And don’t transfer the pesticide to another container or use the pesticide container for something else. Of course, keep stored pesticides away from children and pets. In the United States, every 15 seconds a poison control center takes a call. Most of the calls are concerning a child and a substance the child found in the home.

If your home has been invaded with pests, don’t be fast on the trigger. Take a little time to learn about your opponents and then run them out of town. But if a showdown is the only way to rid your home of the pest, be the quickest on the draw by selecting a product designed for the pest and one that is suited for use in your home.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Private Investigator to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Do you think that your spouse is cheating on you? If you do, you may be looking for proof. After all, if marriage and children are involved, divorce may be what you are thinking. If that is the case, you should first find proof. To do so, you may want to hire a private investigator to help you prove that your husband or wife is cheating on you.

As for what a private investigator does, you will find that their actions will vary. Different investigators handle their cases differently. For example, you may receive direct, one-on-one service from the investigator that you hire or you may end up working with one of their close associates. Either way, your spouse will likely be followed. Their behavior may be documented in pictures or videos. A private investigator may also examine your computer or your phone records.

Before deciding to use the services of a private investigator, it is first important to know that there are a number of pros and cons to doing so. One of those pros or plus sides is that you have solid proof. This is important if you are looking to get a divorce. If you want or need to receive support or alimony payments, you need to have proof that your husband or wife was cheating on you. There is no better proof than professional videos and pictures taken by an experienced and certified private investigator.

Another pro or plus side to hiring the services of a private investigator is that you do not have to do the work yourself. Tracking a cheating spouse can be easy, but it can also be very difficult. Some cheaters go through great lengths to ensure that they do not get caught. You may essentially be sent on a wild goose chase. On the other hand, many private investigators already know where to look, what behavior changes to look for, as well as what traps to not fall for.

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of using the services of a private investigator is that you do not have to see the act being committed yourself. Yes, you will still likely get video footage and pictures of your spouse cheating, but that is much different than seeing the act with your own eyes. In fact, you don’t even have to look at the documentation your private investigator provides you with. Well-known and reputable private investigators do not lie. Take the proof and pass it on to your divorce attorney.

Although there are a number of pros or plus sides to using a private investigator to help you catch your cheating spouse, there are also a number of cons or downsides to doing so as well. One of those being the cost. When hiring a private investigator, it is important for you to use your best judgment. Spend as little money as possible, but make sure that you hire an individual who is trustworthy and who has a good reputation. In this situation, quality is more than worth the extra cost.

In keeping with costs, it is also important to take time into consideration. There are some men who cheat on a daily or weekly basis, while others only do so on occasion. It will honestly all depend on your spouse. Your private investigator may follow your husband or wife for weeks before they find any concrete proof that your spouse is cheating. Despite getting proof in the end, this time period may be costly and agonizing for you.

Since there are a number of pros and cons to catching a cheating spouse with the assistance of a private investigator, you are urged to examine your own personal wants and needs. Do you want proof that your spouse is cheating on you? Do you want proper and professional documentation that can be used in divorce proceedings? If so, a private investigator is worth the look.

100% Attitude

Your attitude will determine a lot, we’ve all heard the glass half full or glass half empty way off looking at things, both are the same thing, but are vastly different as well. You have the ability to transform your life and reach new heights of success and fulfillment. Whether at this moment in time your attitude is positive, negative or somewhere in the middle you can take control of your life and set yourself free! Everyone has potential, the unfortunate thing is that most people go through life and never realize or take advantage of this!

Firstly you must visualize what you want – you the dreams everyone has – unfortunately most people leave them as just that, dreams. The second thing that you must do is see yourself in your dream environment, and see yourself getting there. I can, I will and when I are the things you must say rather than the negative version I can’t, I won’t and if I! Don’t worry if you fall into a more negative category – the good thing about attitude is that you can learn and train yourself to have a positive one given a bit of time and practice.

You’ve told yourself that it is going to happen and now must talk about it by doing this you are making yourself accountable and putting yourself under a little pressure to make it happen! If you dream is to be on Millionaire Street and you are currently in debt – you must realize that this dream is not going to happen overnight in may take a few years – you don’t go around saying you are going to be a millionaire by next Thursday afternoon in three weeks time! Don’t set unrealistic targets otherwise you may put yourself under undue stress and pressure to achieve, which can be detrimental to your cause.

Attitude isn’t everything – it is simply the first thing! Remember it’s going to be action that actually gets you there and the attitude will determine what pace that will be. You are the architect, the builder and the benefactor of all your life’s endeavors. So when something doesn’t go your way the first place to look is inwards. You must ask yourself what you could have done differently to have gotten a more favorable result, after this inward analysis is done then you look at some of the external issues that may have been amiss too.

Everyone has their fears; I don’t mean things like scared of the dark or spiders etc. I am talking about fears to do with success, for example, it might be something that you haven’t learn to do yet, and you fear that you may fail. Remember that if you don’t try you fail anyway, and if you do fail sometimes then success is that much sweeter because you actually had to get over obstacles to get to the end result.

In summary we’ll use something interesting to illustrate a point. There are 26 letters in the alphabet, A = 1 and Z = 26 working on that basis we assign a number to each letter of the word attitude and add them up:
A(1) + T(20) + T(20) + I(9) + T(20) + U(21) + D(4) + E(5) = 100 – 100% Attitude!
Having a positive or optimistic attitude helps you to achieve more for yourself than a negative or pessimistic one. Visualize what you want, take action to make it happen, overcome any fears and keep plugging away, remember that tree that you see in your local park didn’t get that big overnight. You can learn to train your mind, and over time you will learn how to develop and maintain a positive attitude.

20 Tips For A Great Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep helps us to be happier, more productive people, so here’s some tips to help you get a good night’s sleep:

1. Avoid drinking tea or coffee late at night

2. Stop smoking – nicotine is a stimulant and so can make it difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep

3. Go to bed at the same time each night so that you set a routine

4. Only use the bed for sleeping and sex

5. Use dimmers on your light switches, and dim the lights in the hours before you go to bed to mimic the change from daylight to night time

6. Avoid taking exercise in the evening – exercise early in the day to promote restful sleep

7. Try using affirmations, such as: “I let go of the day, and enjoy restful, peaceful sleep” repeated several times while you prepare for sleep

8. If you can’t get to sleep after a while, get up keeping the lights low and do something boring until you feel sleepy

9. Alcohol may help you get to sleep, but you are more likely to wake during the night feeling thirsty and needing to go to the bathroom

10. Try relaxed breathing: breathe slowly and deeply concentrating on your abdomen rather than your chest

11. Get your allergies checked out, particularly if you wake craving particular food in the middle of the night

12. Avoid paying bills and similar jobs just before sleep

13. Try a herbal tea – chamomile, passion flower, lavender flowers or valerian are good, or take a herbal supplement such as scullcap or valerian

14. Put the essential oils lavender and clary sage on your pillow and inhale their soothing vapors as you sleep

15. Try some flower remedies – there are lots of different types. In the Bach flower remedies you might like to try ‘vervain’ if you find it difficult to switch off from the
day; ‘holly’ if anger and resentment keep you awake; ‘white chestnut’ for persistent unwanted thoughts; ‘aspen’ if you wake because of nightmares

16. Try holding your frontal eminences (the bumps on your forehead, about half way between your eyebrows and hairline) if you are awake because of stress

17. Try taking supplements – magnesium and calcium can work well

18. If you suffer with hot flushes/flashes, try some natural support for your endocrine system at this time. I personally recommend Neways wild yam and chaste berry cream

19. Many alternative and complementary therapists have success with people with sleep problems. Find a local therapist and ask them if they have experience in this field

20. Sleep problems can be a sign of an underlying medical condition (e.g. thyroid problems or depression), so get this checked out with a suitably qualified health professional


10 Ways To Kick The Procrastination Habit

A survey (by the University of Chicago) suggested that those who relish challenge are more likely to live up to 10 years longer than those who spend their lives inhibited by timidity.

Trying to realize our ambitions, even if we don’t always meet them, is preferable to not having the courage or motivation to take the risk. So not making any resolutions because we fear that we’ll break them is having a defeatist attitude, as we allow procrastination to become an insidious habit which stops us from leading more fulfilling lives.

The following offers 10 ways to kick the procrastination habit!

1. Personal values development.

Take the time to find out what you really want in life, what your personal values are. Do you want more time, more money, better health, greater self esteem and confidence, more fulfilling relationships, a different career, set up a business? When we procrastinate it’s often because what we are planning to do is not really aligned with what we truly want. We may be scared of our skills (or perceived lack of) or fear ridicule from others.

2. Make health and high energy levels a priority.

Without good health we are less likely to have the energy and dynamism needed to make positive changes in our lives and it’s easier (and necessary if you’re very ill) to procrastinate. So ensure that you have a nourishing diet, sleep well, exercise and meditate. Incidentally, it is thought that regular meditation helps delay the worst effects of the ageing process.

3. Visualize your life without procrastination.

See and feel the benefits in your life if you didn’t procrastinate. What could you do and achieve? Begin to act as if you’re not a procrastinator. Write down, draw, imagine your life as a film. Use affirmations to help you.

4. Banish the Gremlin.

That little voice which runs on auto in your head – that dismisses any idea that you might have. It says things like “I’m not in the mood” “I don’t have time” “I can’t do this”. Stop running on auto, replace the “should’s” “oughts” “have tos” with “want to” “desire”. You have a choice. Acknowledge your choices and banish the Gremlin. Again, using affirmations can help you replace the Gremlin with more positive alternatives.

5. Over commitment.

Saying “yes” to everything – often leaves you feeling tired and without the energy to focus on what is most important to you. This leads to procrastination as projects and tasks are dropped. Identify what is most important to you and only focus on those areas which will make the biggest difference to your life. It will enhance your focus and motivation.

6. Set personal and professional goals.

It’s hard to motivate yourself when you don’t have a good idea of what you want to accomplish. So when setting goals think about what you want to achieve in the short term and long term. Techniques for doing so include the SMART strategy. S = specific M = measurable A= Action R = Realistic T = Time based. Use goal setting software to help you in goal planning and setting.

7. Prioritize Your Goals.

Develop a plan or schedule to help you reach your goals. In doing so you will begin to identify whether some elements need to be included or enhanced or dropped completely. Also remember to be flexible, revisit your goals regularly and modify or drop if appropriate. Just because a goal is written down doesn’t mean that it is set in stone!

8. Divide and conquer.

Once you’ve prioritized your goals, divide them into smaller chunks. Sometimes we procrastinate because a project seems really large that the scale of it overwhelms us and puts us into a temporary form of paralysis – you don’t know where to start, so you don’t start at all! Approach each project – especially large ones – on a step by step basis.

9. Reward yourself.

Once you start to complete tasks, reward yourself by giving yourself something that you want. So instead of seeing a film before you complete a task, see it afterwards and make it a reward for you.

10. Just get started.

No excuses. Don’t wait until you’re “in the mood”. The mood never comes! It is a clever camouflage and a delaying tactic. What you resist persists! Start with what is easiest, so that you experience immediate success, which will give you the fuel and motivation to upgrade and take on larger projects.

Do any of the above and you’ll be well on your way to Kicking the Procrastination Habit. And if you’re procrastinating over doing any of the above :.), then remember that life is the biggest deadline of all!

3 Ways to Become a Super Person

I was driving down the freeway the other day when I saw a billboard with a picture of Christopher Reeve on it. The caption simply read, “Super man.” People might have remembered him for his timeless portrayal of Superman. But they will never forget his tireless crusade on behalf of disabled everywhere. The tragic horse-riding accident that left him paralyzed also gave him wings to soar above his physical limitations. That’s not to say that it wasn’t difficult for him. He even contemplated suicide at one point. So it made me think, what characteristics did he have that made him so strong?

Courage. Most of us shy away from a challenge. Maybe we don’t like confrontation, or maybe we just want to take the path of least resistance. But there comes a time when we, individually, must face our deepest fears. It could be accepting a job that moves you half way across the country. Or walking out on a relationship that should have ended ten years ago. Whatever is keeping you from enjoying your life needs to be examined, evaluated, and executed. No one’s going to do it for you. Be brave.

Optimism. Ever hear the old glass half full/half empty analogy? Well, it’s true. You have a 50/50 chance of being positive or negative. Which side do you find yourself on most of the time? Negative thinking can be a very hard habit to break. But the good thing is, it is easily remedied. How? Speak positively. Act positively. Replace negative self-talk with uplifting messages that you tape to your mirror and day planner. And before you know it, you will think positively. Action precedes attitude. A good attitude is contagious, so surround your self with people who are upbeat and encouraging.

Self-determination. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? A person without a goal is like a bus without a driver. Don’t let limitations, either real or perceived, keep you from your objective. And don’t listen to the nay Sayers, even if at times you think they must be right. If something is important to you, stick with it. You will be amazed at what you can do.

There is a bit of a superhero in all of us. Sometimes, it takes an unexpected event to bring that hero out. And sometimes, we can help someone else see that hero in themselves.

3 Steps To Manifestation The Personal Development Way

Do you know how powerful your thoughts really are? Are you fully aware that these thoughts, all 50,000 per day, are singularly the most powerful influences on everything that happens to you in your life and are the reason you have attracted the people you know, the house you live in and the car you drive?

In fact the sum total of everyone’s thoughts is the very thing that shapes everything that exists, everything that has existed, and everything that will ever exist. You may ask then “if this is true then shouldn’t it be possible to bring into existence anything we desire?”

Well the short simple answer is YES!

It is through the power of deliberate thought that we can create. While thought alone does have the power to bring tangible (cars, houses, boats) and intangible (peace, harmony and joy) things into existence often times this is not enough! Intention, or directed thinking and believing, is enough to create powerful enough thoughts to manifest anything we want but you must also add two other ingredients.

Firstly, your thoughts must be backed by emotion. The more powerful the emotion – the stronger the thought. It is essential to create within you the same feelings that you will have when you actually achieve your desire. You actually do this all the time only in the opposite direction. For example, you think of what you are afraid may happen and all of a sudden you feel frightened, tense and may even start to exhibit some physiological symptoms such as sweating or shaking or just get the shivers. Begin to reverse this method of thinking. Think only of what you do want and conjure up the feelings associated with that. How will it feel to meet and marry that perfect person? How will it feel behind the wheel of that new Mercedes or in the kitchen of that new home?

The second key ingredient of the three is action! It is necessary to be prepared to take some action. This is a key point that many personal development gurus leave out! The action that you need to take will not be strenuous or a toil, it will be enjoyable and feel right to you.

Each of us here on the planet plays their own special role in the complete operation of the Universe. We are all One, interconnected and interdependent. Your desires will almost always come through some form of action and through connection to other people.

Your thoughts do have the power to completely change your life and circumstances. When thoughts are backed by emotion they become an unstoppable force that will carry you to wherever you want to go in life. But you must be willing to take the steps towards your desires when these steps are presented to you. For example thinking and believing you will meet your soul mate will bring you vast opportunities for meeting him/her but you never will if you sit at home all day and do not venture outside! You may find that you begin to get asked to go to places more often or get invited to a place you have never been before. You may even accidentally meet old friends or develop new friendships. This is the Universe setting you on a path to your desires. Take that invitation. Even if it is something you have no desire to do or somewhere you do not want to go, you should accept the invitation. Who knows who you may meet or where you may end up!

So remember, ingredient 1 – thoughts have power. Ingredient 2 – thoughts backed by strong emotion and belief can change the very Universe and create ANYTHING you want. And the lastly ingredient 3 – action is the last key ingredient to bringing about your desires and living the life of your dreams. Now get out there and start to CREATE!